Are You Showing Employees the Right Appreciation?

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March 3rd is Employee Appreciation Day. It’s a good time to not only show your employees some love, but to also think about your long-term employee engagement program.  

Telling your team you appreciate them one day a year isn’t going to cut it. From our experience, successful employee recognition programs start the minute a new hire starts and evolves through their tenure with the company. It’s about acknowledging milestones and important projects while constantly offering valuable experiences and services.  

This includes individualized gifting and praise combined with meaningful team events and community-building opportunities.    

We have endless ideas and options that continue to evolve as the workplace does. What we know for sure is that employees who feel connected and engaged with their company are more productive, make the company more money, and are less like to leave. All good things that come with a bit of recognition!

Here are a few of the categories we use to make sure we’re covering every aspect of employee wellness and appreciation:

Work Well

These are programs that enhance your employee wellness plan. As we know, a focus on mental health and wellness has become a necessity for every company.  

You want employees to know you are constantly supporting their wellness. This could mean workshops that cover nutrition, meditation, and sleep. It could be treating your team to a chair massage or providing opportunities for movement like fitness classes and stretch breaks.  

Wellness also involves personal and professional development. You could host a series on goal setting, leadership training, and finding your purpose.  

ELEVATE THE EXPERIENCE: Couple your next fitness series with the convenience of Vitamin IV therapy!  


Work Social

Curate events and experiences that keep your team connected and entertained. These are the ever-popular themed events and happy hours. Surprising your team with a casino night, drive-in movie, or mobile cocktail truck.  

These are all about fostering relationships and networking outside of work so your employees feel supported by and connected to their coworkers.  

ELEVATE THE EXPERIENCE: Bring in live music to make any event even better!  


Work Thoughtful

Sometimes a treat says everything you need to say. Celebrate milestones and special moments with the perfect gift.  

Custom corporate gifting is always a hit. You can personalize just about anything these days and it gives any gift a special touch. Some of our most popular gifts are Bose technology items, Fitbits or Garmin watches, personalized drinkware, and Therabody tools.  

You can also give the gift of conveniences like branded swag, food and wine, concert tickets, and gift cards.  

ELEVATE THE EXPERIENCE: Create a branded New Employee and Client gift bag that you always have on hand and makes them feel like part of the family right from the start!


It’s imperative to set a year-round calendar with touchpoints for different events, services, and gifts. Your company is more productive and has less turnover when you have happy employees. We have an entire catalog of vendors and ideas that can help you create a plan from start to finish.

Want to elevate your Employee Recognition Program? Let’s talk!