Charm City Concierge Honored on Entrepreneur 360™ for a Second Year

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With an impeccable balance of client impact, industry innovation, effective leadership, and overall growth and value, Charm City Concierge is pleased to announce inclusion in the 2018 Entrepreneur 360™ list of Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America.

Empowering young women to pioneer their brand with the support of an all-female owned and operated company, the entrepreneurial spirit at Charm City Concierge is a unique blend of valuable face-to-face client interactions and modern technology. Platforms branded as Service, Activate, and Engage pivot traditional concierge abilities towards engaging and interactive social experiences with an emphasis on branded programming curated for individual property portfolios. On-trend amenities and state-of-the-art facilities are enticing perks for businesses, but the expert social management for places and spaces is the cutting-edge advantage Charm City Concierge employs.

With their new app, Simpli. on the horizon, the next year holds significant growth opportunities for Charm City Concierge—though at its core, the business built on the trailblazing spirit of a small group of women will continue to be powered by people and connections.

Charm City Concierge provides innovative services and solutions to commercial office buildings, mixed-use properties, private corporations, and corporate campuses in more than 260 locations. Our dynamic platforms—which blends a rich selection of concierge services to handle every need, amenity programming that brings spaces to life, retail loyalty programs, unique tenant relations, work-life wellness, and technology—transforms work places into work experiences. Amplify your building amenities, create memorable experiences, increase tenant well-being, and build lasting relationships when you partner with Charm City Concierge. Get a glimpse into our community at