Charm City Concierge Launches Tenant Engagement App, Simpli

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Charm City Concierge (CCC), an expert in redefining the tenant experience today announces the launch of Simpli, a tenant engagement app that connects tenants to their building community all through the touch of a finger. The full-service platform rounds out CCC’s suite of offerings—powering workplaces by human experiences, concierge services, and now, technology. Simpli enables building landlords to elevate workplace experiences, building amenities, and programming, all while streamlining communication with tenants. The result: the creation of a vibrant community year-round, and a stronger position in the ongoing battle in talent recruitment and retention.

Simpli allows building owners and landlords to:

  • Offer tenants a tech-enabled workplace experience
  • Engage with the entire building population
  • Communicate more effectively through push notifications
  • Deliver all the habitual, helpful, and fun experiences tenants need to feel pampered
  • Offer convenience and concierge services directly through the app
  • Provide prospective and new tenants the ability to engage with the building community prior to moving in
  • Collect data to deliver an exceptional workplace experience
  • Remain competitive with technology and provide a fresh way to engage with the tenant population
  • Drive loyalty and lease renewals

Buildings in competitive markets like Washington D.C. are going beyond traditional concierge services and routinely adding access to amenities as well as experiences to accompany them. “Just as workplaces are evolving, so is our business. We’ve taken our extensive expertise in concierge, tenant engagement and curating meaningful experiences, and built a social engagement platform around it, activated through Simpli,” explained Christina Urquhart, Founder and CEO, Charm City Concierge. “These three components, Concierge Services and Experience Management complemented by technology (Simpli), make up the differentiated workplace experience that the industry expects today.” In an ever-competitive real estate market, it is critical for building owners to stand out by curating a community experience with tenants. “Our proprietary programs are customized for each client based on their brand and goals built right into the app technology—a true differentiator compared to other workplace experience platforms,” added Urquhart. “Simpli is a tool that enhances the tenants’ experience and makes their lives easier through improved connections to their building, amenities, services and community.” Simpli allows tenants to access everything from wellness programs, concierge services, building amenities, CCC’s exclusive Perks program, and a curated events calendar. “We see ourselves as the culture creators and community builders within commercial real estate today and with Simpli, we now have the ability to bring our commitment to enriching lives through enhanced experiences, connections and well-being through technology.” said Urquhart.

For the last 25 years, CCC has redefined the workplace experience by providing virtual and onsite concierge services and experience management to commercial office buildings, residential communities, mixed-use properties and corporations throughout the Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Philadelphia regions and beyond. Currently, the firm services more than 300 buildings, totaling more than 45 million square feet of space.

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Charm City Concierge (CCC) is in the business of creating workplace experiences that build community, balance lives and act as the centerpiece of the building. We serve more than 45 million square feet of space that ranges from commercial office buildings to mixed-use properties, private corporations and corporate campuses. Our onsite and virtual platforms blend concierge services, experience management and technology (Simpli) to create a differentiated workplace experience. We amplify building amenities, create memorable experiences, increase tenant well-being, and build lasting relationships for our partners. For more information, visit


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