The Modern Woman at Charm City Concierge: A Glimpse into Our Self-Love


Looking to the past to highlight the significant achievements of women struggling against paralyzing circumstances is a powerful tool in recognizing how far we’ve come in the face of adversity. Pioneers in every field are inspiration to the modern woman, reminding her of her mother, her grandmother, her matriarchal lineage of persistence. “Woman must put herself into the text – as into the world and into history – by her own movement.”* Continuing our trailblazing through the corporate world, the young women at Charm City Concierge took the past month to reflect on self-love, for how can we steer our dreams without first reeling in the anchors of doubt, unworthiness, and distaste for ourselves, and instead flying sails that billow with a new confidence and drive?

Some of our DC team celebrate self-love on International Women's Day

Predominant in the minds of the modern women at Charm City Concierge is the journey towards independence. Managing your health, your finances, and your precious time has always been a daunting task for both sexes. Setting and achieving goals that once seemed only insurmountable challenges can become reality: with discipline and planning, she can and will see her dream of owning her own home come to fruition.

Supporting each other is crucial to maintain stability when so much of society is poised to tear us down. Though friendships from childhood and college stretch across the country, the modern woman makes considerable efforts to keep them close. She fiercely protects her best friends and knows she has the same support in return.



Patience defines our struggle. Never settling, never questioning your worth, even when those closest to you tender blows to your confidence, tear at the seams of the intricately woven image you’ve spent years assembling. The modern woman wears a suit of armor beneath those threads. She’s accepted her quirks and is learning to embrace them; unique and inimitable, she loves that she can laugh at herself.

She sets her own course. Her values are an amalgam of her upbringing, her experiences, her hopes for herself, and she respects herself and her peers enough to clad those values in iron, protect them from the siege of media, of trends, of superficial passersby who try to influence her. She is stronger than that. She knows she deserves time alone and time to find strength in her friends and family; striking a balance keeps her energized and stimulated.

The modern woman understaSome of our MD team celebrate self-love on International Women's Daynds self-respect. She treats herself because she’s worth it: from cruises and wineries to manicures and makeup, self-love does not aim to impress anyone. She loves to explore, she revels in the vibrancy and beauty she sees in herself, and she is proud of her talents and skills. When the modern woman says she loves to cook, it’s not because she’s expected to – she’s proud of her culinary flair and she’s not skipping dessert.

Empowering our employees with the essentials for success is a tenant that Charm City Concierge has always deeply believed in, and the creativity and ambition we’ve witnessed as we’ve stood side by side our modern women will only continue to shatter expectations, stereotypes, and ceilings.

*Helene Cixous, “The Laugh of the Medusa.” A quintessential champion of girl-power!