Could infusing Hospitality throughout the workplace help drive employees back to the office?

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57% of remote employees are considering a shift to hybrid work in the year ahead. How do you tip the scales and make employees want, or maybe even need, to come back to the office?

The key is creating a space that supports new tenant needs and has everything to make their lives easier all in one location.

Every minute in the office has to feel “worth it”. One way for employers and landlords to make that happen? Elevate the hospitality. Now is the time to focus on time-saving services and well-being conveniences.

Rack with clean clothes on hangers after dry-cleaning indoors


Coffee, check. Snacks, check. Fitness center, check. On-site health clinic, check! Everything they need to get done in the day; you help them check off their list. Time-saving services will get tenants back to the building. Here are some of our must-haves...

FOOD LOCKERS – The easiest way to manage food deliveries. Food lockers in the lobby allow tenants to order from any food delivery service and get a contactless pickup. Employees have become used to eating and snacking on demand in their own homes, this emulates the ease of grabbing something when it’s convenient for them.

DRY CLEANING – No one wants to make an extra trip to the dry cleaners, this is a classic convenience that tenants expect. Elevating this amenity could mean having touchless drop-off and pick-up locations. Lockers in the lobby have made this easy for everyone. When they get to the office they drop off their clothes, when they leave they pick them up. Easy!

AUTO DETAILING – Some of the best conveniences happen without you even knowing about it. You walk into work, have a day of collaboration and socialization and leave with a beautiful, clean car. It doesn’t get much better than that! This is another service you could offer on a monthly basis, so tenants get used to coming into the building regularly and being confident it’s worth their time.


Employees are more stressed out than ever. They also care about their personal wellness more than ever. A trip to the office has to be a value add to both their professional and personal lives. Offering well-being conveniences will show how much you support their mental, physical and emotional health.

ON-SITE MASSAGES – A massage on-site could help them kill two birds with one stone. Knowing they could schedule a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly massage steps away from their desk will incentivize a commute to the building.

MOBILE WELLNESS POP-UPS – Health appointments are a time suck. We’re always taking little breaks at work, what a perfect time to grab your flu shot, donate blood or get an IV boost. The newest trend is offering vitamin wellness shots and IV Drip Therapy to support immune function, improve energy levels and increase employee productivity.

These are little things that usually take a lot of time and energy setting up and getting done. Offering them on-site show you care about tenants time and well-being!

The expectations have changed, but the office is still critical in creating an engaged, happy workforce. Make sure your tenant companies know how valuable your office space is with elevated hospitality and convenience.

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