Employee Synergy

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Wondering how to create synergy among your employees? Consider nurturing employee engagement- the results will be invigorating.

Time to step up your opportunities for employee engagement. All of your employees need to engage and function together to achieve success, wellness, and balance.  The best way to do this is to get your employees to venture beyond their cubicle and have a positive attitude.  Remember that this can only happen when all individuals come together to channel their talents and energies toward a common objective.  By doing so they can accomplish what no-one can possibly accomplish on their own. Success by synergism.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone   

Seemingly a bit too often, employees fall into a routine that is exclusive to themselves.  And this is understandable. We thrive on routine because it creates a sense of ownership, order, and organization of life.  And with the need for a positive work-life balance acknowledged, the structure of routine is pertinent.

Still, it is critical to not fall into a rut.  The best way to build and strengthen your team is to provide opportunities for employees to engage while they are at work. The experts at Charm City Concierge, curate employee and tenant engagement programs that create positive opportunities for employees to engage, and in turn, be happier at work.

Develop your synergistic team

The development of corporate synergy is a combination of open communications and participation.  Without these specifics, your employees– and your business– could be off-balance.

Most employees want to feel free to openly and honestly communicate their thoughts and ideas.  The best way to do this and avoid the game of telephone? Team meetings and employee engagement opportunities.  While often pushed to the side as not productive, make sure that they are.  According to Charm City Concierge, some great ideas to make team meetings open and fun include painting parties, theme-based happy hours and wine tastings. Making your next team meeting a team experience will help improve employee and retention.  Charm City Concierge also provides employee engagement opportunities that include: movie nights; outdoor concerts; wellness and fitness classes and cooking classes.  And to top it off, at your next employee engagement event, don’t forget to include a photo booth!

A synergistic team is never complacent.  Think about how your group of employees function as a unit. Is your business running efficiently in a synergistic way? The best way to determine the answer to this question is to meet with each employee in confidence and then facilitate a meeting as a group to discuss the benefits of working together in corporate synergy.  This alliance among your employees will only grow stronger, thus developing and reinforcing the balance of your business. And perhaps most importantly- don’t forget to have fun!


When culture and engagement are celebrated, loyalty and retention become a promising reality. Whether its day-to-day conveniences, specialty pop-up shopping, trendy partner services or employee engagement programs, our Experience Managers deliver results—time saving services, well-being, work-life harmony, fun and an elevated workplace experience. Work happy. Stay engaged. Inspire loyalty.