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Want to know the secret to employee retention?  It may be as Simpli as perking it up. 

New year. New Decade. Two amazing opportunities to take your employee appreciation to the next level.  And it is no secret that employee appreciation is pertinent to attract and retain employees.  Recently reported from an Aflac study, 55% of employees would be somewhat likely to accept a job with lower compensation but a more robust benefits package. Although not the most important for job seekers, 26% of surveyed employees cited work perks such as gym memberships and flexible work schedules as important when considering a job offer. But as it turns out, only 15% of employers offer perks for physical and mental health in their benefits package. That’s right.  So while base salary digits still apply, keeping your employees continuously feeling satisfied, needed and valued is pivotal. Wondering when and how to begin?  The time to perk things up is now- and Charm City Concierge is here to guide you!

Recognizing how employee engagement and benefit perk-packages work together to increase employee retention is crucial in this day and age.  Consider this: More than 70% of employees agreed that fringe benefits would be a key consideration in evaluating future jobs. That is why benefits and perks are essential.

Imagine offering your employees perks that include:

Fitness and Yoga Classes, employees experience a focused mind, their energy levels are boosted and they’ve combated stress.

Cooking classes, where delicious creativity and innovation are inspired through teamwork.

Fridge stocking, cafes near your office are jam-packed, your employees will be grateful to have a healthy in-office option to fuel them throughout the day.

The creative and professional team at Charm City Concierge are experts in redefining the workplace experience and recommend employee perk categories that include: entertainment, restaurants, services, salons, spas, health, wellness and hospitality. And they have proven that the options are nearly endless.

If you are ready to perk up your employees, it is time to contact Charm City Concierge. One call will make a difference.  And from the Charm City Concierge team to yours,

Happy New Year-

and Happy New Decade.

Charm City Concierge, developer of Simpli, the Tenant Experience App, is ready to work with you.  With over 25 years of experience, the team of Charm City Concierge are experts in redefining the workplace experience.

Charm City Concierge, a women-owned business, is located in Baltimore, MD and Herndon, VA.