Four Must Have Conveniences to Get Tenants Back in the Office

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The return to the office is coming! But things have to look a little different. The future workplace ecosystem will have to support flexibility and choice. It’s imperative to offer tenants amenities that focus on hospitality and services that remind them how convenient it is to work on-site.

Coffee bars, fitness centers, meditation rooms, on-site clinics – these are going to become the norm. How is your building making life easier? Conveniences will be essential for employees to be their most productive at work.

Your target audience will need to be parents and executives – employees who are short on time and need their workplace to simplify their busy lives.

Here are four must-have conveniences to get your tenants back to the office.


  1. High-Powered Technology


If we’ve learned anything from the last year, elevated technology is essential to keep companies working together. This will be no different when they’re back in the building. Tenants will expect high-speed internet that allows on-site employees to connect with remote coworkers. Consider having an IT/Genius Bar in the building that provides a go-to expert for all tech-related issues.

And now more than ever, open lines of transparent communication will make employees feel comfortable coming back to work. Technology, like our  Tenant Experience App, is the easiest way to keep your community connected. You can give them return to office building updates and fill them in on events, experiences and amenity enhancements directly on their phones. Now is the time to develop your communication strategy. It’s vital to give tenants a seamless tool to stay in the know.

2. Wellness Services

After the year we’ve had, wellness is top of mind for every tenant walking through your doors. With such a focus on mental, physical and emotional health, it’s the perfect time to offer time-saving wellness services right on-site.

Consider offering spa days where tenants can reserve appointments during their work hours. Massages in the lobby, manicures on the roof, pedicures at lunch. All of these are services employees spend time getting outside of the office – think about ways to make it convenient for them to kill two birds with one stone.

And men need wellness perks, too. Having a barber or clean shave vendor once a month could be another benefit of coming on-site.

As far as fitness goes, now more than ever people are looking to get back to feeling healthy. You could bring in a personal trainer who books 30-minute sessions throughout the day. Employees could spend their lunch breaks getting one-on-one training without having to leave the building.

For mental health services, bring in meditation guides and create quiet rooms where people can go to decompress. You can offer wellness pop-ups and workshops that focus on ways to reduce stress, increase energy and build resiliency.


3. Elevated "Classics"


There are some conveniences that are tried and true. Auto detailing and dry cleaning will never go out of style. It’s important to continue to offer these classic conveniences that help tenants take care of menial tasks while at work.

You know what everyone can get on board with? A clean car. Auto detailing can easily become a staple amenity for your building. You can elevate this classic by designating monthly “auto-detailing days” or giving tenants premium packages and pricing for on-site detailing.

Or take those dreaded "must-have" car maintenance tasks of their to-do lists. Offer oil change and car inspection days to help tenants with tedious, but necessary tasks.

Having a touchless dry-cleaning drop-off and pick-up location in your lobby can elevate this amenity. Offer tenants easy options to take care of their clothes while they work.

Or think about taking it up a notch and hiring a virtual concierge. They can manage retailer perks, ordering tickets to local events, transportation, meal delivery and anything tenants may need.

These classics become essentials that employees can rely on to check items off their ever growing to-do list.

4. Food Options

Touchless is the way of the future. With heightened health and safety concerns, employees are looking for clean, easy ways to get what they need.

93% of tenants say that contact-free food delivery is important. Food delivery lockers, like Minnow Pods, will become a staple in lobbies across the country. These lockers allow you to get food delivered to the office without ever having to touch anything or anyone. Users are able to unlock their individualized locker through their phones, allowing for a quick, safe transaction.

To take it a step further, your building can offer weekly meals and programming in these delivery lockers. Maybe you have food retailers on-site? Every Monday they can be your featured delivery option. Or hop on the ‘Taco Tuesday’ train and offer Mexican food for lunch every Tuesday. Going above and beyond and offering a diverse menu with special deals could increase participation and excitement!


You can also take it to a company level and provide contactless micro-markets in break rooms. Picture windowed refrigerators with lunch on the go like wraps, sandwiches and salads.

Speaking of companies, you could also wow them with break room essentials. We’re not talking a few bottled waters here and there. Break room essentials can be an amazing way to show tenants you’re supporting their needs while celebrating that they’re back in person.

Imagine coming into work to a fridge stocked with healthy snacks and beverages? It emulates the ease of working from home and being able to quickly stop by the kitchen and grab what you need.

Employees are looking for individually packaged items like fruits and nuts, protein bars and salads. Nutritious, hearty snacks that will get them through the day without having to leave the office.

And don’t forget caffeine! Iced coffee and teas are a favorite in the summer months. Plus, an afternoon pick-me up may be exactly what tenants need as they readjust to the physical and mental demands of coming back into the office.

You can also activate unused spaces by making them a grab-n-go spot. Bring a food bike, truck or trailer to your outdoor areas and give employees a chance to get outside while trying local food truck options. Supporting local businesses is top of mind as we venture back into the world - give tenants a chance to give back while enjoying a delicious, on-site meal.

Some buildings are going above and beyond with the food and drink options and offering all-day happy hours! An open bar all day in their lobby or lounge to encourage tenants to hold their meetings and networking events on-site.


To create a building people are drawn to, you have to make it a place that makes lives easier. Conveniences and amenities that support employee’s everyday lives will be key in making them want to come return to the office.

If you’re looking to enhance your building and bring real support to your tenants this year  – let's talk! Connect with our team to customize your tenant workplace experience program.