“Googlizing” Your Workplace

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You have probably heard the out-of-this-world perks of working at a Google office: nap pods, karaoke machines, sports courts, hanging beds, coffee bars, community gardens, doggie play areas, complimentary massages, and all the free food you care to eat.

But as it turns out, what used to be considered out-of-this-world is now becoming not so distant at all.

As more and more millennials enter into the workforce, offices have been forced to change. Some of these Google-style amenities are quickly becoming the new norm.

googlizing your workplace: 80s zumba

Work is no longer something to be done from 9 to 5 in a whitewashed office containing an endless sea of cubicles.  Organizations noticing the trend are now trading desks for hammocks, chairs for exercise balls, and outdated artwork for living plant walls. Workplace health and wellness initiatives are becoming increasingly important, and employers are now offering free onsite fitness classes, wellness rooms, or even dance studios.

Amenities are no longer considered “perks” for employees—they are an expectation that a company must meet to attract and retain top talent.

Here at Charm City Concierge, we are in the business of “Googlizing” workplaces. As this Googlization trend continues to gain momentum, architects are designing physical spaces around collaboration and community and we are activating those spaces with unique experiences and enhancements.

Charm City Concierge has even landed on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies for two years in a row (2016–2017) due to the increased demand for our services! The market has prompted our recent expansion into Philadelphia, as the amenitization trend sweeps out from beyond the DC metro area.

This is great news for employees all along the east coast. And you don’t have to work for Google to enjoy an active, lively workplace!