Vending Machines Are Out, Open Markets Are In

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It’s Time to Make the Switch to an Open Market

With winter weather fast approaching you, your tenants, and employees will hate the idea of bundling up in as many layers as possible to brave the cold and find something to eat for lunch. You might turn to your office vending machine as a last resort, only to realize you are stuck with expired Pop Tarts and the soda you have been trying to avoid all week. Let’s face it, vending machines are no longer the best amenity that you can provide and it is time to consider your options.

Picture the alternative. The weather outside is awful and when your stomach starts to rumble you realize you forgot your perfectly prepared healthy lunch on the counter at home. Instead of breaking your diet and heading to the nearest drive through or caving and eating the last Snickers in the vending machine you walk over to the new Open Market in your office. There you find an assortment of fresh and healthy options you would never expect to find in an office!


Here are 5 reasons why you should make the switch

  • Markets are open 24/7 with a simple kiosk to check out. This provides the most flexibility for the employees that come early and the ones that leave late!
  • If your company has enough employees there are zero costs associated with installing and maintaining a market in your space.
  • Markets are supervised and monitored by a market employee. The kiosk will alert them to what items have been purchased and what needs to be restocked. This will ensure that everything in your market is always full and fresh!
  • Everything is completely customizable. From the size of your market to the snacks that you offer, everything is your choice. A market employee will work with you to create the best fit for your needs.
  • Having exactly what your employees’ need, when they need it, will inevitably result in happier and more productive work force. Happy people are productive people!