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Three of the top workplace trends to look for- and follow- in 2020

New year.  New decade.  Welcome to 2020.  Time to identify what you can expect to find in the year to come.  And while there are a plethora of exciting trends to watch and experience during this new year and decade, the first three trends that you will want to focus on to sustain, retain and achieve your business goals are perks, culture, and technology.

The Power of Perks 

Leading the forefront of 2020 trends is the power of the perk.  Sounds easy enough to implement positive benefits and perks to offer your employees?  It really is.  And it can be fun for everyone involved, employees, their families and co-workers alike.  As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown that employees said their top concerns during their job search would be their experience in the hiring process, the number of perks, programs and benefits a company offers to help workers with work-life balance and their connection with a company’s culture and values.  Just ask the professional team at Charm City Concierge.  In the business of corporate and workplace wellness for over 25 years, Charm City Concierge offers a dynamic collection of special offers, experiences, rewards, and privileges for businesses small and large.

The Charm City Concierge Perks collection includes: unique shopping, dining experiences and privileges; special merchandise offers; hotel room upgrades; priority seating; exclusive happy hour deals; select Perks-only event invitations for grand openings,  and VIP entry.Add in fitness, ergonomics, mind-body balance and nutrition opportunities… Charm City Concierge will not disappoint you with ideas, creativity, expertise or success.

Re-creating Culture

The second positive 2020 work trend is the re-creation of the work culture.  Steadily on the rise is the need to be valued at work, not just considered to be another cog in the machine.  And a positive work culture is just the way to acknowledge, reward and succeed as an individual, team and business in its entirety.

After all, everyone wants to be a part of something, whether personally and/or professionally. Often driven by their value, employees are proving to be more productive and happy at their current jobs. Did you know that 90% of employees would forgo 23% of their earnings – an average of $21,000 a year – for more meaningful work?  This fact relates to employees on-site and remote workers.  In both categories of professional workers, recognition and value is a huge part of building a positive corporate culture.  

And speaking of remote workers…

Trending Technology     

And let’s not forget to mention the third most important trend to include… technology.  As it best relates to this information, the technology that we are referring to is the power to telecommute.  And in this day and age, remember: technology does not have to be a scary word.  As a matter of fact, it is important to remember that changes in technology leads to growth personally and professionally.  And in 2020, it’s all about change and transformation. Due to the acceleration of technology, 2020 will see a change to a tried, but true old adage.

No longer anchored to one place, location, location, location will now apply to whatever location an employee is working from.  That’s right. Telecommuting and remote office spaces are making positive transformations in the lives and overall well-being of professionals.  As a matter of fact, it has been recently recorded that work-from-home professionals (82 percent) were able to lower their stress levels by working remotely. 80 percent have improved morale, 70 percent increase productivity, and 69 percent miss fewer days from work.  Additionally, remote workers enjoy more sleep (45 percent), eat healthier (42 percent), and get more physical exercise (35 percent).  And that is saying a lot about not only how technology can make the lives of working professionals less stressful, but it also shows that employers who allow forms of telecommuting and working remotely really care about their employees.

Let Charm City Concierge be the first- and best- call that you make this year.  Experts in transforming workplaces into work experiences, Charm City Concierge is known for the positive differences made in the lives of employees and the culture of workplaces small and large.