Planting the seeds for a stress free holiday


An exciting moment while celebrating the changing of seasons is inviting new décor into the office! Who doesn’t want to walk into a Winter Wonderland during the holiday season? While drinking your apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes, wouldn’t it be great to look at bright orange pumpkins and bales of hay? With football season upon us, it sure would get you in the spirit to see your city’s beloved team colors in your office or while walking through your building’s lobby. Choice Plantings is able to make any of these visions come to life for you. Our Baltimore team recently visited their brand new showroom to see what they have in store for the coming holidays.

Choice Plantings can transform your space with a variety of interior and exterior options for your upcoming event or favorite holiday theme. With holiday trees and wreaths in colors and styles galore, your regular office space becomes Santa’s workshop, an icy pond complete with polar bears and penguins, or a chic, sleek holiday party. Walking into their showroom, our team was in awe of their most popular designs: old-world rustic charm of “woodsy” winter animals, snow-dusted garland, and birch accents; upscale, black-tie-worthy, top-hatted swank; and modern ornaments with glittering ribbon in color schemes totally up your imagination! Rather than just a plain tree delivered to your door, each holiday display is crafted with pride and individuality, and meticulously installed with care. Our team was impressed with the variety and quality!



While some of these displays were more elaborate, Choice Plantings is able to work within any budget. If you have an idea and a price in mind, they are happy to help accommodate you. Their busy season is from September-December, so if you have something you would like, it is best to chat with your concierge early. Whether you are looking for some year round cheer in your office, or just for a special event, the team of professionals can handle it all. Some of their famous creations include Opening Day party centerpieces, Ravens wreaths, and spring floral displays (both silk and real flowers). Our favorite new addition to Choice Plantings’ repertoire is the living wall, both an installation of art and function, keeping your office air clean and fresh!

To start planning your upcoming décor, or to learn about any of our many expert holiday planning services, don’t delay in contacting your concierge to make the busiest time of year a breeze.