Random Acts of Kindness Day

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Saturday, February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day

As human beings we tend to focus on ourselves while we move throughout the day. How often do we take the time to pause and interact with those surrounding us? We may not know what another person may be feeling or experiencing at the moment, but we do have the power to make a difference. With February being Random Acts of Kindness month, here are a variety of things that you can do to make a change.

One of the simplest acts of kindness can be finding an opportunity to give someone a genuine compliment. A compliment can be a great way to boost an individual’s self-confidence and get their day steering in the right direction.

Another small act you can do is to pay it forward. The concept behind paying it forward is to repay the kindness you received by doing a kind act to others. Those who have received your kindness repay it by continuing the cycle. Whether it be purchasing the order for the person behind you at the Starbucks drive thru or holding a door open, there are a million ways to pay it forward.

A creative approach to spreading kindness is sending cards to sick children in hospitals. Cards for Hospitalized Kids (CFHK) is an organization that distributes handmade cards throughout hospitals and Ronald McDonald houses across the country.

Despite the craziness that occurs in this world, take a moment to pause and think about what good you can do for yourself and for those around you. Use Random Acts of Kindness month to show how each and every one of us is capable of showing an extraordinary amount of kindness and compassion in our world.