Shake up your typical conference room lunch

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Need a meeting lunch that must impress? Break away from sandwiches, soups, and salads with these 5 innovations for your next catered meal.

Build-your-own bar

Add an element of fun to any dish by serving it as a Build-Your-Own Bar. Try a Taco bar, Smoothie bowl bar, Bruschetta bar, Fruit tart bar, or Nacho bar. Suddenly, your lunch break is transformed into a lunch experience.



Creative food displays

Sometimes, that wow-factor lies in impeccable presentation.  Serve up a sushi smorgasbord in a wooden canoe. Construct your company logo out of cake pops.  Have a health-conscious crowd? How about salads dished up in mason jars, or single-servings of crudité in shot glasses of hummus?



Unique cuisine

Our vendors are innovators in the culinary field. If you can dream it, they can do it. Here are a few examples of some unexpected cuisine options that Charm City Concierge can help you order:

  • Pinch dumplings
  • Sweet and Savory crepes
  • Gyros or Falafel
  • New Orleans-style Muffuletta
  • Soba noodle bowls
  • Aloo Gobi Masala



On site chef

Nothings beats a made-to-order meal. Knock it out of the park by using an on-site chef! On-site chefs can hand roll sushi, fry up custom omelets, or pan sear steaks right in your office. Your employees or clients will appreciate the special touch.



Food truck

Food truck fare is a home run for those beautiful warm weather days where you just have to get out of the boardroom during lunch. Provide each guest with a voucher and allow them to make their own selection. This works great for a crowd with varying dietary needs. Charm City Concierge has an All-Star network of Food Trucks that can deliver this option straight to your front door.