Simpli’s Breast Cancer 2020 Campaign

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October is breast cancer awareness month and Simpli, evolved from Charm City Concierge, is here to support and celebrate this cause. As an all-women company, bringing awareness and empowering women is part of our mission. Apart from skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer type in women and every 1 out of 8 women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Together we can help find a cure & support Breast Cancer survivors.

Why BCA is important to our team:


Our 2020 BCA Initiatives

This year  Simpli is partnering with Making Strides against Breast Cancer as a Virtual Team,Simpli Supporters. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is an organization started by The American Cancer Society. They wanted to connect and unite communities to join in the fight against breast cancer. In a normal year, this organization usually holds a walk in October. Teams help raise money for this fight and then get together to walk a 5K in Washington DC.

Donations that go to Making Strides does more than help with research, it helps families, caregivers, patients along the way. It could be giving patients rides to chemo appointments, helping survivors feel and look good, and being able to help answer questions at all times.

All month long, we have been collecting virtual donations via the Simpli Supporters Making Strides donation page and our goal was to collect $1000. We have exceeded our donation goal by 150%. If you are interested in supporting our virtual team, please make a donation here.

Additionally, our team has curated thoughtful care packages and pink floral arrangements to send to someone who is fighting breast cancer, a survivor of breast cancer, or to the families of someone who lost their battle with breast cancer. Check out our Breast Cancer Care Packages, here.


Our weekly lineup to stay engaged as a team and celebrate the last week of BCA month:

Monday: Intro to the Breast Cancer Awareness week of activities with Simpli. We will be doing a wellness challenge all week using Charity Miles. We will be donating $1 for every mile walked to the Susan G. Komen organization and challenging friendly competition between employees. We will also be doing a trivia question a day this week to spike engagement.

Tuesday: We are introducing another great organization, Girls Love Mail, to the team. This organization sends hand-written letters to women that are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Encouraging our team to write one and send it by the end of the week.

Wednesday: We will be dedicating Wednesday to wearing pink. In addition, we are asking the team to get in the fall spirit and decorate a pumpkin (or a rock) in honor of breast cancer and display it to someone in their neighborhoods, front porches, etc.

Thursday: Sharing foods with the team that high in antioxidants to help fight the risk of breast cancer. Encouraging the team to share their favorite recipes with everyone that includes the foods we list.

Friday: In honor of the last day of the week and celebrating the goals we made, we are asking everyone to share their favorite pink drink this day. Whether it is Starbucks, cranberry juice, pink lemonade, etc. We will be announcing the winner of the wellness challenge and see how many miles everyone did this week.

Cultivating a company culture of giving back inspires something better than engagement.

Looking to host a charity team event or need ideas to plan a week of initiatives? Get in touch!