Support mental, physical, and emotional health with ‘brain breaks’

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Tenant needs are changing. The importance of supporting well-being in the workplace is at an all-time high. Employees are burnt out and are asking for mental, physical and emotional support from their employers. How can you help?

In 2021, we started offering ‘wellness weeks’ that have taken off and proved to be incredibly impactful with many of our clients. While we offer a wide range of wellness opportunities, one that we’ve found to be particularly popular is a session we call ‘brain breaks’.

Benefits of brain breaks

These are short, intentional pauses where employees can remove themselves from work and focus on something else for about ten to twenty minutes. These small breaks can help employees:

  • Restore motivation
  • Prevent decision fatigue
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Improve learning

The important thing is to make these breaks purposeful and unlike regular workflow. If you have employees that are constantly sitting down, try a brain break that incorporates movement. If employees are always on their feet, a good break could be sitting down to meditate or listen to music.  

If you have the budget and staff support, you can invite motivational speakers, health professionals or experts to come give a short presentation. Fitness coaches, yoga teachers and nutritionists can also be a great way to incorporate physical wellness into these breaks.  

Get started with these brain breaks

If you are new to ‘brain breaks’ here are five free, easy ideas... Have employees set a 15-minute timer and:

  • Go on a walk while listening to music or a podcast
  • Get up from their workspace, find somewhere comfortable and drink coffee, tea or water
  • Find a quick yoga tutorial and stretch out
  • Call a friend or family member
  • Go outside and get fresh air

All of these ideas can be implemented in an office space or when employees are working from home. Encourage tenant companies and their employees to start adding a brain break or two to their day and see how their productivity, motivation and energy level changes.


Looking for more wellness ideas?

From big events, workshops, and inspirational speakers to healthy food options, exercise classes and massages, supporting your tenants in their wellbeing journey has endless options. If you need a place to start, we can help you create a wellness plan for your employees and tenant companies.