Tenant Engagement Needs to Bounce Back in 2023

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Tenant Engagement needs to bounce back in 2023. Find out how Simpli is elevating workplaces and driving connection through technology.

Tenants are facing an uphill battle this year. Employees are actively disengaged at the highest rates they’ve been in a decade. This means more and more employees are disgruntled and disloyal because their workplace needs aren’t being met. Landlords need to create a workplace where employees want to be or risk losing leases as companies navigate the future of work.  

But creating a workplace where tenants feel valued, supported, and connected is very possible. It’s all about making the most of the physical space while adding events, experiences, and services that people actually want.  

At Simpli, we know the importance of a physical workspace. We work with each client to plan their unique engagement program based on their specific building, tenant profile, and budget. Whether we’re making large remodeling changes or adding in smaller-scale pop-up events, we use our mobile app to get direct feedback from tenants allowing for maximum return on your investment. 

Elevating the Experience to Reach New Tenant Expectations

It’s no secret that the workspace has become much more than just a place to work. Every time a tenant comes to the office, it’s an experience. As many tenants continue to have the option to work remotely, the experience of the office is the only thing bringing them back on-site.  

Consider this your workplace culture. How do people feel when they’re in your building? Is it a mecca of productivity or a cubicle with a computer? Is their time on-site valuable or does it feel wasted? If tenants are making the commute to the office, they want to make sure it’s worth it. 

The future workplace supports tenant mental health, work-life balance, and personal development. This includes workshops, series, events, and experiences that allow them to improve their personal and professional lives.  

The physical office space needs to foster community and productivity while improving daily lives. Offering concierge services like auto-detailing, dry cleaning, and on-site massages means tenants are able to check more off of their to-do lists every time they come on-site.


Making the Most of Amenity Spaces

As we continue to navigate the post-pandemic workplace, we know that physical office space is still a necessity. It has to look different than it did before, but it still needs to be there.  

Tenants are now all too familiar with the benefits of working from home, so the importance of the physical space needs to speak for itself.  

“Nothing can replace the connection, collaboration, and communication that comes with a well-run office space,” says Christina Urquhart, Simpli’s Founder and CEO. “A high-tech, purposefully decorated and well-stocked workspace creates an easy, comfortable place to get good work done.” 

Today's top office buildings are being designed with a full 360 activation of all amenity spaces to provide a truly immersive experience for tenants. Amenities such as cafes, fitness centers, and lounges are no longer just functional spaces, but rather destinations in themselves. The key is creating a "wow" factor that tenants can enjoy while they're coming in and maximizing their time. This starts with the design itself and encompasses the programming and management of these spaces to create a cohesive and seamless experience.  

The true value of these spaces lies in their ability to foster collaboration and connection among coworkers. For example, a well-designed lounge area can provide a comfortable space for impromptu meetings or brainstorming sessions, while a rooftop garden can offer a peaceful retreat for employees to recharge and connect with nature. 

The key to a successful office experience is a careful balance between form and function - providing tenants with the amenities they need while also creating spaces that inspire and energize them. By embracing a full 360 activation of all amenity spaces, modern office buildings are able to offer a truly immersive and engaging experience for tenants that fosters collaboration, creativity, and connection.


Creating Value Through Events and Experiences

It’s equally important to utilize the physical space with meaningful events and experiences. On-site offerings that tenants actually want to attend need to be added to the calendar as diligently as weekly team meetings.  

Tenants are lonelier than ever. A huge draw to come back to the office is to socialize and connect. Events and experiences that promote community are key to tenant engagement and getting people to leave the comfort of their homes for the socialization they can get in the office.  

But the offerings have to add value, purpose, and meaning to tenants' lives. Run-of-the-mill networking events aren’t going to get people out anymore. Instead, it’s imperative to know your tenant’s wants and needs and create a calendar that will excite them.  

Happy hours with live music on the rooftop and food truck pop-ups are becoming mainstays in creating a social tenant base.  

"One of our biggest focuses is tenant wellness,” Urquhart says. “We’re seeing deeply personalized, community-oriented experiences and services that are readily available to employees whenever they need them.” 

From guided group meditations and smoothie bars after team meetings to personalized fitness plans and financial wellness workshops, we're seeing how much tenants value events and experiences that support their health.


Build a Technology-Driven Experience

Getting tenants engaged and back on site starts with knowing your audience. Creating a community backed by technology will make all the other pieces fall into place. Employees are expecting a seamless experience and the future of work demands technology. In fact, 100% of employees expect real-time communication, updates, and information from their employers and building management.  

At Simpli, this all comes back to our Workplace Experience App. It allows our clients invaluable insights that build community, streamline communication, increase engagement, and give vital tenant analytics. 

By using technology in the right ways, we’re able to make the most of events, experiences, and services offered by gauging interest and gaining feedback directly from tenants. This means no wasted money on poorly attended events or wasted time on remodeling a gym no one asked for. We’re able to speak directly to tenants and allow for the highest return on investment.  

Not only that, but we’re able to easily communicate any building updates or information immediately and directly to tenants’ phones. Now more than ever, we know the importance of having that capability.


The workspace and workplace culture are a living, breathing engagement strategy. To bring back engaged, productive tenants, all the bases need to be covered.

Since the shutdowns of 2020, the physical building space had the potential to become obsolete. Of course, we’ve always known the importance of community and connection so we knew we had to adapt to make sure people were still gathering. Understanding new tenant expectations and bringing people back on-site has been our post-pandemic mission. We’ve done it by creating upgraded workplace experiences with the future of work in mind.