The Magic of Moss

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Guest post by Robin Evans from Interior Plantscapes

Fact. The world is becoming more and more urbanized. Up until the last 200 years our forefathers lived, worked and dwelled on expansive plains and valleys. Today, nearly 95% of all businesses are located in urban areas, making our opportunity to co-exist with nature during work hours virtually impossible.

Human coexistence with nature is important to our very survival. This connection is called biophilia, and over the last 30 years countless studies have shown how important our connection to water, green, wood, sand, grass, etc., is to our physical and emotional well-being.

As a biophilic solution, knowledgeable decorators, builders and architects are electing to construct living and moss walls. Living and moss walls are not only beautiful, they are functional. Scientific research has proven that biophilic benefits include lowered blood pressure, lowered stress, elevated moods, improved cognitive ability, and enhanced mental stamina. The presence of nature is calming. Think about sounds that help you relax: whistling breezes, thundering rainstorms, bird chirps, crashing waves. Few of us would elect to listen to fingers on a keyboard or ringing phones to help decompress. Nature is in our collective DNA, and our bodies crave it on both a conscious and sub-conscious level.

One growing popular biophilic solution is the use of moss walls. Preserved moss (reindeer) comes in an array of eye popping colors. Moss walls help with the absorption of sound and can help minimize the feeling of chaos in a busy workplace. Moss walls are virtually maintenance free in that they require no water and minimal light.  They have the affinity to collect toxins from the air, particularly the positively charged ions such as copper, iron, sulphur and lead. This means that the air is cleaner, resulting in healthier employees and decreased absenteeism.

Most commercial reindeer moss is grown on sustainable family-owned farms. Caribou moss is actually a slow growing lichen, a living thing that when preserved keeps many of its natural qualities. The creativity of a moss wall is limited only by imagination. They can be peppered with living plants, other mosses, logos, or succulents.

Moss walls can be a fabulous and functional work of art. In terms of cost, the rule of thumb is approximately $125/square foot (not including framing). If your workplace does not already have a living or moss wall, there is a lot of information available online to support the evidence that these beautiful creations will make your workplace happier, cleaner, and healthier. Or, learn more in this brochure. Ask your employer to consider a moss wall; you and your coworkers will assuredly feel the difference in your environment. When you’re ready to build your own office moss wall, get in touch with Charm City Concierge.