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Top Ten Benefits of Having a Dedicated Experience Manager On-Site

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1: Tenant Satisfaction  

Our experience managers are dedicated to enriching the overall tenant experience within the building by deeply understanding their needs, ensuring utmost satisfaction, and cultivating trusting relationships directly with tenants, making them feel valued and heard. 

2: Experience & Event Execution 

Employing an onsite experience manager to orchestrate events and activities, spanning from wellness programs and educational workshops to networking sessions, fosters increased engagement and community within the building. Events may encompass a diverse range, including specialty fitness classes, informative workshops, larger-scale holiday-themed gatherings, curated speaker series, and beyond, enriching the tenant experience and strengthening the sense of belonging within the community. 

3: Amenity Management  

We oversee and optimize the amenities available within the building, including lounges, conference centers, fitness facilities, and outdoor spaces, ensuring they meet the expectations of tenants and are efficiently utilized. While enhancing tenants’ experiences within those spaces with the curation of thoughtful programming that resonates with the needs and preferences of the individuals working within the building. 

4: Deliver Concierge Services 

Experience managers serve as the primary liaison for tenants, orchestrating a range of concierge services that span from car detailing and dry cleaning to gift ordering, massage bookings, personal training, and securing coveted concert tickets. Their hands-on approach ensures an elevated level of service tailored to meet the diverse needs of tenants. 

5: Communication Hub 

The experience manager serves as the central conduit for communication across various channels, including social media, email marketing, and tenant engagement apps, to convey the engagement initiatives and programs offered by the building. They bear the responsibility of comprehending the tenants' needs and preferences, effectively relaying them to the property teams for action. 

6: Tenant Engagement 

Having an onsite experience manager that actively engages with tenants to understand their needs and preferences, soliciting feedback and implementing initiatives can continuously improve the day-to-day experience for anyone working within the building. 

7: Technology Facilitator 

They can harness technology solutions like Simpli's tenant engagement app to elevate the tenant experience. From curating and sharing compelling content about retailer perks, events, and concierge services to orchestrating tenant welcome campaigns, experience managers take charge of all content management, relieving the property teams of this responsibility. 

8: Brand Ambassadors 

An experience manager can actively cultivate the building's brand and highlight its distinctive selling propositions, positioning it as a sought-after destination for businesses and tenants alike. From elevating leasing tours to maintaining continuous engagement with tenants, experience managers play a pivotal role in bolstering marketing efforts and fostering connections with the tenants. 

9: Market Differentiation 

Having a dedicated experience manager sets the building apart from competitors, offering a higher level of service and attention to tenant needs, which can be a compelling factor for prospective tenants. 

10: Increased Occupancy 

By offering engaging and unique events, along with convenient services and wellness initiatives, tenants will be increasingly drawn to the office to participate in these enriching experiences, ultimately maximizing occupancy levels. 

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