Total Resilience: Work-Life Balance for Skeptics

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Work-life balance is more than a trendy catch-phrase for corporate wellness programs—it’s a legitimate struggle to maintain a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle while ensuring you stay on top of everything your job throws at you.

Our success in this balancing act is not only measured by tasks completed at work, but by the opportunities we have to unwind, calm our bodies and minds, and engage in activities that help us feel productive and connected with our priorities. Wellness is a personal goal that can be achieved collectively and maintained with dedication, but it requires an initial leap into what is often unstable territory for us in order to be effective.

If nutrition is a goal you feel you neglect, there’s a risk of tipping the scale and tumbling towards unhealthy physical habits. But when you have an expert at hand to guide you to simple but powerful choices, like energy-boosting snacks and mini-desk workouts, you’d be surprised how well they actually can fit in your busy schedule.

If you’re like most of us, the morning sprint to the chaotic coffee shop followed by the bag of chips power-lunch and exhausted and defeated frozen dinner is the extent of your effort to sustain yourself. But consider the impact of meal-planning on your week: what if there was a way to bring fresh produce home each week, and a nutritionist-chef had just shared his trade secrets for quick and easy skills and recipes in the kitchen? How empowering it would be to skip the grocery store and put an end to watching those videos on social media of disembodied hands on fast forward over a bowl of mushy ingredients that miraculously turned into steak au poivre?

This has to be a gimmick, right?

Perhaps more unsettling than our distraction from healthy food is the tendency to become so overwhelmed by stress. Your mood starts to sour, every coworker becomes your instant nemesis—but luckily there are real initiatives that can enliven your spirits.

Many of us consider meditation to be a mystic art practiced by people with way more free time or far less to worry about than ourselves. However, positive and scientifically-reinforced encouragement to realign your mind and emotions can be a powerful tool in your ability to manage the complexities of daily life. Recalling that necessary leap and suspending your disbelief can yield concrete changes for the better, and coaching from an anatomical or a holistic approach yields statistically proven results.

Convinced yet?

health-wellness-flyer-corporateYour concierge anticipates all these obstacles to work-life balance, and has a solution to the struggle you face! Your own personal Wellness Warrior comes equipped with an arsenal of experts in the wellness sector who can creatively and effectively help harmonize your workweek with your life. Whether you want the support and tips from personalized virtual programs, the emotional and mental connectivity fostered by group instruction, or total-body engagement that works up a sweat, your concierge can help you craft a lifestyle program that fits. And the best part? This can all happen while you’re at work! Contact us today to discuss solo, team, or total company options, and we’ll take that leap together.

Written by: Stephanie T.