Why Wellness is Worth it

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Wellness opportunities at work can save money, help networking and invigorate employees

Wellness initiatives can have a profound effect on your company culture, turnover rates, recruitment efforts, and overall productivity. Turning your business into a community of wellness- and social interaction- can make all the difference.  Studies show that on-site health and wellness programs can reduce the number of sick days taken by employees by 28% and reduce your company’s health costs by 26%.

At Charm City Concierge we specialize in activating your wellness communities. We pride ourselves in partnering with top health professionals to provide your employees with a curated and beneficial wellness experience.

Creating your Wellness Community

Wellness within the workspace promotes a shared interest of mindfulness amongst your team. By adopting a more holistic view that treats the employee as a whole person, you will see the physical, mental, social, and emotional benefits within your community.

Create a workout challenge to promote heart health amongst team members, book a massage professional to reduce stress, or plan a yoga class series with a registered yoga teacher for mental clarity, the benefits and programming are plentiful.

No fitness center? No problem—bring the experience to everyone.  Mobile Meditation is trending. This unique wellness experience can offer 15- minute meditation sessions in your very own individual pod-custom designed with comfort, calm and convenience in mind. Each pod is equipped with comfortable seating, noise-canceling headphones and an interactive tablet where you can view and select your meditation experience.  Our wellness partner provides an easy and convenient way to add moments of peace to your day. Taking a little time for yourself can make a huge difference in your workday.


Look beyond the workout

Keep the clarity going after your meditation with your daily wellness needs full of fruits and veggies. Stock up with fresh-pressed juices, produce boxes, and healthy lunches to reach all aspects of wellness for your employees.

We partner with providers that are experts in fueling your team without the crash. Imagine, being able to reach for a power green smoothie within your office, to get you through the day. Employees who eat well are employees who feel better, have increased consistent energy, have improved mood and decreased stress, and are more engaged and productive in their work.

Charm City Concierge is excited about partnering with you to design wellness facilities, organize wellness programs and offering healthy food options.  We are the experts in activating every inch of your building.