#WorkHappy: Amanda Abeya

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At Simpli, we love recognizing great people on our team. This month in our #workhappy series, we’re celebrating one of our team members that elevates Simpli’s Brand.

Introducing Amanda Abeya, Account Success Manager

Her positive attitude, leadership experience and entrepreneurial spirit have made her an exciting and inspiring addition to the Simpli management team.

Here’s what led Amanda to Simpli:

Building meaningful relationships is probably the one motivating thing in life you just really cannot live without. Before Simpli, I owned and operated a small children’s business for 13 years. The best thing that came out of that experiences were the relationships I made with my team and families. What drew me to Simpli was their mission Enriching lives through enhanced experiences, connections, and well-being. While every job opens up an opportunity to connect with people, our role is to purposefully and thoughtfully build a community. Between my personal family values, the Filipino culture I grew up in, and the nature of what I’ve been doing most of my life…coming to Simpli felt like finding another home. 

What is the most creative experience or programming you have curated for your Property and the tenants?

Interactive food stations!!! We had build your own churros, boardwalk fries, and doughnuts paired with a small holiday happy hour and it was beyond amazing. It’s the small thoughtful, detailed and creative events for me! 

How likely are you to refer someone to work at Simpli and why?

So far, I’ve referred 3 additional team members to Simpli. In fact, I’m still going through my connections to see if there’s anyone else who would be a great fit for Simpli! It’s such a fun job and we treat you like family. 

When are you most passionate about your work at Simpli?

When it comes to the happiness of the team. This is where I strive to build authentic, meaningful and impactful connections. Really making sure that our EM’s are taken care off and that they feel supported and set up for success.  

Other fun facts to know about Amanda

Who inspires you?

My parents. My dad joined the US Navy and a young age from the Philippines and my mom also worked hard to get there. They went through some pretty challenging times, coming from the Philippines to the US. Every time I “think” I’m struggling, I always think about what they have gone through – this usually wakes me up a bit!

What is next on your bucket list?

Having a destination wedding and it’s actually happening in Hawaii June 2023! After that, Italy. 

If you could travel back in time, what era would you choose and why?

Easy. The 90’s. This was the last decade where you could fully be present. No phones to scroll through, no tv binging, nothing on demand. You had to work or create experiences what whatever was in front of you! 


Amanda is one of the many team members that spreads the #workhappy message on a daily basis, creating the dynamic workplace experience for her clients that Simpli strives for.

Sounds like something that interests you? Check out our careers page for more information on how you can become a #workhappy team member.