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#WorkHappy: Baylee Mello

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At Simpli, we love recognizing great people on our team. This month in our #workhappy series, we’re celebrating one of our team members that elevates Simpli’s Brand.

Introducing Baylee Mello, Experience Manager

Baylee brings her love for hospitality, team player mentality and strong work ethic to Simpli. As Experience Manager, she thrives in fostering relationships and creating a connected community for her clients to work happier and achieve their workplace goals. Baylee also contributes to marketing initiatives, training & on-boarding efforts as well as mentoring her peers.  Her positivity and supportive nature is contagious!  

“One of my biggest passions in life is to spread positivity.

Here’s what led Baylee to Simpli:

One of my biggest passions in life is to spread positivity. Previously, this was through food as a Pastry Chef, but with Simpli, it is through being the day maker for our clients. It has been an unexpected turn in my career path, but I am still able to follow my love for hospitality.

How have you connected with your co-workers?

My co-workers at Simpli have become more like family than co-workers, especially because of the pandemic. We never know what tomorrow is going to bring and it is a great feeling to be surrounded by like-minded individuals to bounce ideas of off and genuinely be there for one another. We all bring a unique outlook to the table, but all have the same passion for people and hospitality.

When are you most passionate about your work at Simpli?

My passion is spreading positivity. Sometimes this means connecting with clients about how their day is going and other times it is putting together an entire programming proposal. Forming relationships and getting to know people for who they are and finding out how you can help is such a satisfying feeling. Whatever I can do to make someone’s day better and brighter is when I am the most passionate.

What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?

I have always been a go-getter and the person people turn to when they need a helping hand. I like to surround myself with successful, positive people and one of the best ways to do that is leading by example. In more ways than just work, this is what I follow in all aspects of my life. I am always striving to do better and be better for myself.

Other fun facts to know about Baylee

Who inspires you?

I am continuously drawing inspiration from a variety of places –sometimes, it is from a chef making a real difference with their talents like Christina Tosi and Jose Andres’. At the same time, I love to listen to Mel Robbins, as she is a great motivational speaker. I also am inspired by Michelle Obama and her dedication to using her platform for good. Pulling inspiration from a variety of places is a great way to begin to understand more about other viewpoints.

What is your favorite travel destination?

My favorite travel destination is Italy! I had the opportunity to study in Puglia, Italy in college for a few months and it was life changing. I love the people, culture, and of course, the food! I also have to say, Puglia has some of the best seafood I have ever had!

What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby might not be a surprise after reading this far, but it is baking and pastry. This is my time to be creative, disconnect, and set new goals for myself. Outside of the office and the kitchen, I love to hang out with my fur baby, Parker, and take him on mini adventures!


Baylee is one of the many team members that spreads the #workhappy message on a daily basis, creating the dynamic workplace experience for her clients that Simpli strives for.

Sounds like something that interests you? Check out our careers page for more information on how you can become a #workhappy team member.