#WorkHappy: Christina Vega

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Introducing Christina Vega, Experience Manager 

We’re so excited to welcome our newest addition to the Simpli team! Christina brings vast event and sales experience, innovative ideas, and an outgoing, collaborative spirit to the Simpli team. ⁠We’re so happy you’re here!

Get to know Christina:

What was your first job? Camp Counselor for a preschool

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Early bird for sure.  If I am awake after 11pm it’s nothing short of a miracle.    

What’s one of your favorite memories from the past year? Favorite memory this past year was waking up Christmas morning in my own house.  My husband and I bought our first home days before the pandemic began. 

What energizes you outside of work? I am highly food motivated and can often be found involuntarily dancing when I eat! 

What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on? I am working on leadership which ultimately means I am striving to be more confident in myself.  I often second guess myself even if I know the solution/answer. 

What do you do to turn things around when you’re having a bad day? When I am having a bad day, I like to go for a walk to both process the struggle of the day and then force in some positive thoughts.  A good playlist ALWAYS helps! 

What’s one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit? Hydration!  I have one of those water bottles that lights up when it is time to drink.  I was VERY good when I first got the bottle back in December 2019, but I have fallen off.  

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend? On the weekend I am usually spending time with family and friends and there is almost ALWAYS food involved!

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from? Best advice I was given was actually my high school mantra “Be who you are and be it well”.  

We’re so happy you’re on the team, Christina! Welcome to Simpli!