#WorkHappy: Kelly Gersonde

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At Simpli, we love recognizing great people on our team. This month in our #workhappy series, we’re celebrating one of our team members that elevates Simpli’s Brand.


Introducing Kelly Gersonde, Digital Content & Relationships Manager

Her dedication to the work she does makes her a committed and motivating addition to the Simpli corporate team.


Here’s what led Kelly to Simpli:

With 15 years of marketing & events experience, Simpli allows me to combine several of my favorite passions!  I create engaging content and moments on a property-exclusive app or in-person to help try and excite people for being back at the office. I enjoy curating memorable moments for people. 


What is one positive word that describes the culture at Simpli?



When are you most passionate about your work at Simpli and how have you been authentically recognized in the workplace?

When I hear tenants say they love the property-exclusive app and what it offers, that makes me feel accomplished and proud of producing a product they enjoy engaging with. When my client produced a video about their exclusive tenant engagement app and ask me to provide a testimonial and interview, it was great to be highlighted for the work I invested to launch the app!


Other fun facts to know about Kelly

What is next on your bucket list? See all 7 continents!

What’s your favorite hobby? Hiking!

What makes you laugh the most? My son! His 2.5 yo personality brings me genuine happiness!


Kelly is one of the many team members that spread the #workhappy message on a daily basis, creating the dynamic workplace experience for her clients that Simpli strives for.

Sounds like something that interests you? Check out our careers page for more information on how you can become a #workhappy team member.