#WorkHappy: Erin Mazzuca

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Charm City Concierge is in the business of improving workplace experiences. So, what does that mean exactly, and what is it like to work at a company that is focused on making work…fun?

Great question, we hear it all the time.

We’re pulling back the curtain in our new blog series #WorkHappy and Simpli. Follow along as we introduce you to our amazing people who are bringing workplaces to life.

Introducing Erin Mazzuca, Community Manager

I am your go-to person at work for all things outside of work
A New York native, I caught the hospitality bug after college, moving through various management roles at a successful restaurant group in the Baltimore region. While there I focused on event management and driving top of the line sales. I have a passion for events, however, the long hours the role required were not sustainable. After searching for a role that incorporated events and work-life balance, I found the perfect fit when I landed a full-time community management role at Charm City Concierge.

My day-to-day
I work at arguably the most dynamic office complex in Columbia, Maryland where I am focused on making sure the experiences employees have in these buildings are productive, convenient, engaging, and most importantly—happy. My days are never the same–one day I may be planning outdoor yoga experiences and workshops and then next I might be securing conveniences for people like catering and grocery deliveries to the office or collaborating with local partners like concert venues, attractions, restaurants, and retailers.

I also love working closely with the building’s leasing and marketing teams where we have open dialogues about the culture we’re trying to create in order to attract and retain tenants. To keep a pulse on the culture I also have sit down meetings with the tenants themselves. The leasing management group, who is currently using my programming as a beta test for future properties, trusts me and the rest of my team to stay on top of what’s trending in the workplace, which goes way beyond timesaving efforts. We’re hearing tenants want more workshops, TED talks, and everyday inspiration. My personal favorite trend is installing nitro cold brew and kombucha on tap at our office buildings, which saves employees time and money on their morning (or midday) energy fix.

I love getting to know people and figuring out how to brighten their day, so in many ways, I get paid to do what I love. Oftentimes tenants will reach out to me with questions about the business park or community, while also checking in and letting me know how their workday is going.

I’m also proud to work for a successful, women-led firm. There are so many opportunities for career growth and evolution so that you can truly follow your passion. We are a big firm, but still small enough to be nimble, so I can fulfill my passion for events on a broader scale, even though it may not be in my official job description.

To check out all the exciting activities at my properties, be sure to follow @makeyourdayatcolumbiagateway on Facebook and @columbia_gateway on Instagram. If you’re interested in learning  about our experience manager role visit our careers page