Top Ten Experiences to Bring Your Tenants Right Now

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85% of office workers are looking forward to returning to the office with more than half reporting that socializing with colleagues is a main reason.

A lot has changed since they were last in the building, and they’re expecting to see a change in their workplace as well. Now the office must serve as a place for collaboration that incorporates elevated social experiences, cutting edge technology and enhanced conveniences.

When it comes to events and experiences, find ways to provide opportunities for people to learn, engage and socialize. Activities like competitions, food and beverage tastings, happy hours, workshops, DIY projects and charity initiatives will build excitement and facilitate social interaction.

What are the ways you’re changing the workplace to welcome this new era of tenant needs? How are you offering entertainment, engagement and connection? Here are ten events and experiences you can bring to your building to create community and comradery.


1. Field Day


Think of those classic outdoor fun and games like the three-legged race, tug-of-war, and water balloon toss. Activities that get people moving and bring out some competition and excitement!

Team-building games like these are designed to encourage people to work together and allows coworkers to connect beyond work projects. Employees cheer each other on and form deeper relationships all while having fun with some healthy competition.

2. Putting Green

Keeping with the competition theme, why not bring in a putting green and put tenants to the test! Not only is putting fun for people who play golf, anyone can be successful and enjoy a little short game.

You can bring a putting green to your rooftop or utilize your outdoor space to give companies and employees the chance to come out and play. Even if you don’t have outdoor space, there are endless sizes and shapes of putting greens available to bring to your building – you can fit one in the lobby or in an open atrium.



3. Around the World: Food + Wine Pairing


Tenants are craving socialization and everyone loves a good theme! “Around the World” gives you plenty of options for every palate. Greek spanakopita with Cabernet Sauvignon, German bratwurst and Riesling, Mexican fish tacos with a Sauvignon Blanc… the options are endless.

Consider rounding up two or three international food trucks and bringing in a bartender to offer wine pairing ideas. Or you could even make it an ongoing event! Every month it’s a different international food with a specific wine to go with it. That way tenants have a constant social event on their calendar and always know they’ll have some good food, wine and connection.

4. Beer Garden Pop-up

Partner with a local brewery and bring their drink options to your building! Invite tenants to your own pop-up and make the most of your outdoor spaces. Hang some string lights to set the mood and bring in finger foods like sliders, pretzels and tacos to go with it.

You can take it a step further and bring in some live music to really set the scene! Or make sure you have a playlist ready to go with some laid-back tunes to keep the party going.

Beer Garden Pop-up 2


5. Guided Meditation + Immunity Boosting Shakes

immunity boosting shakes

You already know your tenants are in need of some peace of mind after the year and a half we’ve had. Make your building a source of calm and wellness by offering a guided meditation event. Meditation improves focus, reduces stress and increases creativity among many other benefits.

Your event could be targeted at beginners as an introduction to meditation and the many benefits they could gain from practicing. Adding in an immunity boosting shake grab-n-go station elevates the experience and rounds out the health aspect of bringing tenants together for a common goal of feeling better.

If you’re looking for ongoing events, you could then continue the guided meditations once a week, month or quarter to keep tenants engaged in your health and wellness initiatives. This will remind them that you are their partner in improving and maintaining their mental health.

6. Spa Day

Everyone loves a day of pampering, but even MORE when it’s done right where you work! You can offer massages, manicures, pedicures, haircuts and beard trimming services right in your building.

Tenants can book services beforehand, or you can have them pop-up for a fun lobby surprise. Employees can stop in on their way to the office, on their lunch break or on their way home and feel like a million bucks without the hassle of stopping somewhere else.

To make it extra special, you can offer healthy snacks and vitamin infused water and tea to really set the spa-mood.



7. High Quality Headshots

high quality headshots

Every professional needs a great headshot, but surprisingly not everyone has one. Or if they do it may not be recent. Help your tenants put their best face forward and invite their employees to get a high-quality headshot right in your building.

Depending on how many people work in your building, you can bring in multiple photographers and have them set up in a conference room or open space. Have people sign up for time slots with their name, company and email address to make for easy distribution once the pictures are edited and ready to be sent out.

If you really want to make it an event, hire a makeup artist or two to make sure employees are ready for their close-up! They can provide quick touch-ups and hair fixes to make sure everyone is looking their very best.

8. Networking Workshop

It’s been a while since we’ve been to networking events! How have things changed and how can employees still form personal connections with prospects and clients in this new landscape?

For this event, bring in a workplace professional and communication expert to give employees tips and tricks on navigating the future of networking. Will we be making the move to digital business cards? What’s the handshake etiquette? Is it appropriate to set up group meetings in-person now? Your tenant companies have questions – you can provide the answers.

Another bonus – this could be a hybrid event. Employees could participate both onsite and virtually.



9. Made-to-Order Coffee Bar + Breakfast Bites

coffee + breakfast

Welcome tenants into the building with a cup of coffee just the way they like it! Bring in a barista and offer employees their favorite morning drink paired with some breakfast bites like bagels, donuts, sous-vide eggs and muffin.

This is one of those experiences that make your building stand out. It allows employees to mingle at the coffee bar while checking a necessary to-do item off their list. It’s a great way to start the day and a fun reminder that you’re there to support their needs – even their caffeinated ones!

10. Lunch Drop-Off

Now is the time to go above and beyond for your tenants. As they start to come back into the office, food options are going to be a huge priority. Take the stress out of meal planning and offer them lunch directly to their desk!

This would be a great time to highlight any retailers you have in your building and showcase any new items or deals they may be offering. Make sure the lunches are individually wrapped and ready to grab-n-go to make it as easy as possible for employees to partake. Always remember, everyone loves free food.

Lunch drop-off

What experiences have you brought to your tenants in the past that you think they have missed while being out of the office? Think of how you can elevate and transition those tried and true favorites into new and exciting events for employees to enjoy.

Need more ideas? Bring in guest speakers, host a book signing or bring in local artists to decorate your lobby. There are so many ways to build community – if you want help you know where to find us!

And don’t forget about marketing! Once you plan all these great experiences, you need to get people there! Consider a building Instagram page, regular email communication or a workplace experience app to let every tenant know what you’ve got going on.